DBP Partners

The world changes rapidly. Everything is in motion. We live in a world full of challenges but also continuous opportunities. The great challenges we face today can only be solved by committed people taking action together. 

DBP Partners make this happen.

we walk the talk

Commitment is key for DBP Partners! We bring together citizens, companies, organizations and governments and ensure dialogue. We create sustainable and impactful solutions based on research, participation, new technology, knowledge, engagement, cooperation and trust. 

Your questions are our starting point. We listen carefully to your needs and challenges to develop a tailor-made plan of action. With the carefully selected talent, methodologies and tools, we construct the best possible answer to the challenges at hand. We always aim for a qualitative and sustainable solution, which might  not always be the fastest or easiest, but guarantees to be the one with the biggest impact. 

Our network houses over 40 experts. So we always get the right person or persons for the job. Additionally we have a broad network from which we can recruit extra talent when needed.  

about us

DBP Partners is a network of experts that mobilizes people around social issues. In close collaboration with our customers, we advance complex growth processes and tackle social challenges using our expertise, tools, experience and innovation. 

We support your vision with our tools, services and practical input. We have years of experience in realizing projects and solving challenging social issues in a sustainable manner. 

At DBP Partners Indiville, Levuur and Tree company join forces to form a strong network. 

Research & advice

How do you keep up? How do you know what’s going on? Society changes constantly, and it does so quickly! That is why Indiville provides its knowledge and social insights to organisations, governments and businesses. This lets you easily anticipate social evolutions and allows you to get to work toward that new future quickly and effectively.

We at Indiville position ourselves as active partners who, on the basis of innovative research and a creative approach, come up with successful actions together with our customers.

Participatory processes and stakeholder involvement, design and guidance

Do you want to work with your partners and other stakeholders on the social issues that keep you up at night? We design and guide tailor-made stakeholder processes. Through participation and co-creation, we guide governments and organisations through complex growth processes that impact our future.

We at Levuur are committed and down-to-earth. We’re all game changers.

Online participation

Do you want to inform or involve citizens in social challenges or policy, but don’t know how to start? New technologies create numerous possibilities for involvement and participation. Tree company guides you to the best approach and uses existing or custom-made websites and tools for more informed and involved citizens. 

Tree company is a unique combination of knowledge of politics and participation with know-how and expertise in the field of technology, software and digital developments. 

We at Tree company are digital experts with a focus on online information and participation. We are an innovation agency for online democracy.


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